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The Best Hinges for Wardrobe Doors

When it comes to giving your home a facelift, you decide everything beforehand, like wall colors, furniture, and other decorative items & where to place them precisely. However, there are certain things that might seem irrational to you while planning all the big things but can make a huge difference. Those small things are the hinges you will need to give your wardrobes and cabinets a superior functionality.

Hinges for cabinet doors are an excellent invention that we use daily, and it’s impossible to go without them for a single day. The market for hinges has grown significantly over the years, and you will be surprised to see the uncountable types of hinges available. But as you may have heard that everything has its pros and cons, and the same goes for hinges. As they are available in so many different options, it makes the task of choosing the best hinges for wardrobe doors more complex. 

Every hinge delivers a different functionality and application, making it more critical to have the right ones for your wardrobe.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best hinges for wardrobe doors


Soft-Closing Hinges:

If you don’t want unnecessary noises in your home, then soft-closing hinges are perfect for you. They have hydraulics built on them so that whenever you close a door, the hydraulics come into action and make the door close gently, without creating any violent sound. Here are a few benefits of using soft-closing hinges:

soft closing hinges

  • Add more years to your wardrobe’s life: With soft-closing hinges, you can prevent the doors from closing with a bang, reducing the wear & tear on the wardrobes. They will protect your wardrobes from dents, marks, and cracks and prolong their serving life.
  • Better safety: Have you ever got your fingers hurt while closing a wardrobe? Of course, everyone has. With soft-close hinges, you can save your fingers from such a painful experience. 
  • Add luxuriousness to your wardrobe: The hinges don’t only work well, but also upgrade the look of your wardrobe. If you are working on improving the overall look of your home, these hinges have your back.
  • Make you fall in love with silence: You definitely don’t want to hear a violent sound every time you close your wardrobe. To ensure a peaceful closing of the wardrobe doors, the soft-closing hinges are the right ones to go for.

Self-Closing Hinges:

You pushed your wardrobe door to close and when you came back after an hour, find it hanging between its closing position. That’s not what you expected, right? To make the wardrobe doors close with the slightest push, you can go for self-closing hinges. They have a spring built on them, so when you start closing the wardrobe door, and it reaches somewhere near to its closing position, the spring takes over and pulls the door closed with a tap.

Clip-On Hinges:

The hinges are perfect for large-storage wardrobes as they allow simple movement of the door. They provide amazing stability to the doors, and their fixing method ensures firm anchorage in a vast array of materials. Here are a few advantages of Clip-on hinges:

clip on hinge

  • No Visibility: If you want your door to blend with the frame completely, then clip-on hinges will work perfectly for you. 
  • Flawless look: Bad hinges can steal the overall look of the door. But with clip-on hinges, you can level your door appropriately with the wardrobe and prevent its wear & tear that might be caused by poor installation. 
  • Easy to install: The easiest way to attach a wardrobe door to its frame is with the help of clip-on hinges. They provide ease in installation and aid in ensuring a smooth opening and closing of doors.

Slide on Hinges:

You will only be needing a screwdriver to place the slide on the hinges on top of the mounting plate. They are one of the best options that you can go for when it comes to keeping the wardrobe door functioning intact for several years. The hinges keep the doors in a steady position and prevent their leaning on one side to ensure a smooth opening and closing. Choosing these hinges can be one of your best decisions when you want to give a stunning makeover to your home. 

slide on hinges

Wrapping up

In addition to the types of hinges for cabinet doors mentioned above, a range of other hinges is also available in the market that can invest in for giving your wardrobes an awesome look and functionality. We hope that the article has helped you figure out your wardrobe hinges option and what will work best for you. Hinges are the small hardware on which the entire functioning of the door depends. Additionally, you also don’t want to replace your hinges every year. Therefore, go for hinges backed by good quality material and serve your needs for many years to come without any hassle.

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