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People spend a lot of time choosing the style and design of doors they wish to install at their homes. However, when it comes to door hinges no one pays much heed. This is the wrong approach. Door hinges come in as many styles and materials as the doors and must be given as much thought before finalizing. After all, this is what will keep your door intact and ensure smooth movement. A fancy door with a wrongly matched door hinge will be of no good. Door hinges need to be selected carefully based on the kind of door you are installing and as to where it is being installed.

There are different kinds of hinges for cabinet doors, front doors, interior doors and so on. Here is a complete guide on how to select the right kind of door hinges for your home:

Choosing Hinges for Interior Doors

Different kinds of door hinges are suitable for different kinds of doors. One that is good for a heavy front door does not go well with an interior door or a cabinet door and vice –versa. It is essential to consider the size, material, and style of your door while choosing hinges for the same. Hinges that are apt for interior doors include double action spring hinges, bi-fold hinges, and butterfly hinges. Double action spring hinges hold the door well. They allow the door to swing effortlessly in both directions. Bi-fold hinges have several leaves that keep the door intact and render good functionality. Butterfly hinges are another great choice for internal doors as they look beautiful and can add to the appeal of your ambiance.

Picking Hinges for Exterior Doors

External doors are quite sturdy. They are made up of heavy-duty material and come in use more frequently. It is thus imperative to choose solid hinges that can withhold their weight and also bear the frequent swinging. Hinges that are apt for your exterior doors include butt hinges. These hinges are popular because of their ability to bear heavy weight doors. Ball-bearing hinges are another great choice for exterior doors. These are sturdy, durable and reliable and do not wear out even if the door comes in use frequently. Hospital hinges that are known for their small size are also appropriate for exterior doors. Flush hinges, pivot hinges, and strap hinges are some other varieties of hinges that can withhold heavy doors and thus make for a good choice for exterior doors.

Selecting Hinges for Cabinet Doors

If you are looking for appropriate hinges for cabinet doors then barrel hinges are a great choice. These light-duty hinges are just the right choice for your cabinets. Case hinges are also a good choice for cabinet doors. These are strong and durable and come in fancy designs that enhance the appeal of your cabinet. You may go for piano hinges if you have a tall cabinet.

Consider the Design

The design of the door hinges must also be given consideration. Not that it impacts the look and feel of your interiors much but it does make some difference. Olive knuckle hinges, butterfly hinges, and case hinges are well designed and add grace to your fancy doors. Olive knuckle hinge comes in the shape of alphabet H. It is visible when the door is open and hides when it closes. Butterfly door hinges are crafted in the shape of a butterfly. These hinges look attractive. Case hinges are known for their decorative designs. These do not only go well with interior doors but are also an apt choice for fancy cabinets and chests.

Quality is of Utmost Important

The quality of the hinges is of utmost importance. You must go for the door hinges that are durable and strong. It is best to determine your requirements and pick door hinges accordingly to ensure you pick up appropriate pieces. Poor quality door hinges or those wrongly matched will require frequent fixing. You may even require replacing them. So, in order to avoid such hassles, it is better to go for the best quality hinges.

We hope this piece of information helps you pick the right kind of door hinges for your home!