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Hinges form an essential part of a door. They provide support and stability to the door and keep them intact as we open and close them. Every door that opens inwards or outwards has hinges installed to allow smooth operation. Door hinges are mainly composed of four different parts. These include leaf, knuckle, pin, and sleeves. The leaf is the flat part which is screwed to the frame and door. Knuckle is the middle part that serves as the meeting point for the leaves. It ensures smooth movement of the door. The pin is another main part of the door hinge. It slides into the knuckle. Sleeves are the circular pieces that make up the knuckle.
Door hinges are mainly divided into two categories – interior door hinges and exterior door hinges. Hinges also form a part of cabinets, storage chests and certain kinds of containers. Different types of hinges are available in the market to match different requirements. Both interior door hinges and exterior door hinges come in a variety of materials and designs.

Types of Door Hinges and Their Benefits

Here is a look at different types of door hinges and their benefits to help you pick appropriate ones for your doors:

Butt Hinge

This is known to be one of the most common exterior door hinges as it can bear a good amount of weight. These hinges make a good choice for the entry doors that are usually sturdier compared to the rest. It has two identical leaves affixed with a knuckle. One of these is affixed to the moving component and the other to the fixed component. Different kinds of butt hinges include rising butt hinges and life-joint butt hinges.

Case Hinge

These hinges are quite like the butt hinges. These are a good choice for sturdy front doors as these are strong enough to hold them. In addition to it, these are also quite appealing to the eye. Case hinges come in a variety of decorative designs that enhance the appeal of your home. Due to their beautiful designs, these are even used on designer cabinets, suitcases, etc.

Barrel Hinges

These hinges are composed of two barrel pins. One of these is fitted into the edge of the door and the other to the frame. These are light duty hinges that are apt for doors of small chests and cabinets.

Bi-Fold Hinge

These are interior door hinges with multiple leaves of different lengths. They hold the door well and ensure good functioning.

Spring Hinges

The leaf plates in spring hinges are affixed with the spring metal that enables the hinge to close automatically. These are usually installed in threes to provide enough closing force.

Ball Bearing Hinge

These hinges are known for their durability. These are one of the most reliable and durable exterior door hinges. Hinges usually wear down over time due to friction. Ball bearing hinge is placed in a way to reduce friction. These are apt for heavy doors especially those that come into use more frequently.

Hospital Hinge

These are comparatively shorter than other kinds of hinges. One leaf of this hinge is fixed to the door frame and the other to the door. Hospital hinges look quite like the commonly used butt hinges. It wouldn’t be wrong to call them their shorter versions.

Olive Knuckle Hinge

This door hinge is quite different from the other when it comes to its design. It is built in the shape of an alphabet, H which is visible when the door is wide open however when the door is closed only the knuckle is visible.

Flush Hinge

Flush hinges are another commonly used exterior door hinges. One leaf of this hinge nestles into the other as the door closes and thus they take little space. These are known for their durability.

Double Action Spring Hinges

Double action spring hinges are a perfect choice for interior doors. These hinges come with two cylinders meeting a square leaf. They allow the door to swing smoothly in either direction.

Piano Hinges

These are long hinges that provide support to the entire length of the door. These are mostly used for an upright piano or the doors of big chests and tall cabinets. They provide just the right kind of support needed by these doors.

Strap Hinge

Also referred to as gate hinges, these are the smallest exterior door hinges. These are mainly loved for their beautiful look. However, that is not all. It also offers strong support to the doors and ensures smooth function.

Euro-Style Hinges

These hinges have especially been designed for overlay doors. The hinges are entirely hidden when the door is closed.

Butterfly Hinge

These interior door hinges are known for their beautiful design. They are built in the shape of a butterfly. They serve a dual purpose. They do not only help your door function properly but also enhance your interiors.

Pivot Hinge

If you are looking for a sturdy door hinge for a tall door then a pivot hinge is what you should go for. It spins around when the door is opened thus providing the required support.