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“Engineered in Korea, Designed for India”

Based in Korea, but every country we do business in is our home country. We import our manufactured quality products from Korea and design them to perfection for the needs of the respective societies in different countries.

“Let’s Make Business Easy.” this is what we believe in. Just like the Indian Government’s larger goals of improving ‘Ease of Doing Business.’ our motto is quite simple yet effective, “Quality has a name which you already know about.” which implies that once you install any of our product, you won’t have to worry about anything. The sustainability and durability of our products have gained the confidence and trust of thousands of our customers. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of products including

The Best In Industry

Samsung IREX is the market leader commanding 60% market share in South Korea which makes it the No. 1 Furniture Hardware Manufacturer in South Korea which produce high-quality furniture fittings like auto closing hinges, ball bearing slides, etc.

We being the subsidiary of same assure you to provide the same quality products to you in Indian Market and be the best brand in industry you can TRUST on.


Our superior hardware are currently being used by both domestic and international original equipment manufacturers. Samsung Irex Hinge carries an extensive stock of ready-to-ship heavy duty hinges, or can design and manufacture custom products according to your own unique specifications.




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What sets us Apart?

Lifetime Warranty


Product Development in the Samsung IREX Group is fuelled by the input and feedback from our business partners around the world. Production, Marketing Support Services are all focused on our customers and their needs.

In our corporate R&D Centre in Incheon, Korea the process of product innovation and improvement is systematic and streamlined. Development aids range from powerful CAD design systems to sophisticated prototyping, test laboratories and modern tool making shops.

Products undergo rigorous functional and life tests to standards far beyond any stresses they might have to withstand in normal use our exacting quality standards are based on guidelines issued by professional bodies, on European and International standards and our own in-house quality criteria.

Results are monitored by independent testing labs & institutes. All products pass stringent tests before going into mass production. Subject to certain conditions, we offer a LIFETIME FUNCTIONAL WARRANTY on the performance of our furniture fittings.


Best Quality

With products such as ball bearing slides, auto closing hinges, etc. we provide the premium quality products with every segment having its own advantage and assurance. What makes unique from the rest is the price charged for the quality provided. All the prices are set after deep evaluation to ensure that everyone gets a share of our products.

With the products, designed & developed in Korea, we have over 69 patents and are engineered with high-quality standards to ensure a lifetime of satisfying service.

Market Dominance

We just don’t make big promises, the results speak for our SUCCESS. We are the market leader commanding 60% market share in South Korea which makes us the No. 1 Furniture Hardware Manufacturer in South Korea. From where does this dominance come? It comes from you, our valuable customers who have continuously trusted us in our every endeavour, it comes from the hard work of our hundreds of employees who work sleepless hours just to provide you with the best quality products.

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